A lot of counterfeits are sold in the market these days. A matter of fact, it’s becoming difficult to identify which is which, since counterfeit rings maker is getting better in imitating items every day. That is why, whenever you’re planning to buy a diamond ring as a gift to your wife to commemorate a special occasion or to make a proposal to your special someone, it is always best to buy on legitimate jewelry shop.

And when you do your diamond ring shopping, especially overseas, it is always recommended to equip yourself with the ways on how to spot diamond rings. And the below can help you locate a fake over the real ones.

Water Drop Test

You can use this test to identify if the diamond in your ring is fake or not. You can use a loose diamond and a glass that contains a 3/4 cup of water. Drop the diamond unto the glass and observe the diamond if it will sink deep to the bottom, float at the surface or remain in the middle. From the observation, keep in mind that a real diamond will drop directly to the bottom of the glass because of its high density, no matter how big or small it is.

Fog/Puff Air Test

A real diamond can conduct and disperse heat due to the mass of carbon atoms it contains and the strength of the uniform bonds that connect them. Therefore, if you puff air into the diamond to create fog, the way you do it on mirrors, you can readily observe what happens to the puffed air. If it takes time to dissipate or remained in the surface, it’s a fake diamond.

Cold Test

Since real diamonds have thermal properties, you can test it in cold water. Heat the diamond with a lighter or a torch and drop it in a glass of cold water. Observe the reaction of the diamond. If it shattered, this means that it is a fake diamond because it wasn’t able to bear the sudden change in temperature from hot to cold.

Sparkle Test

The sparkle test can be done by luxury jewellers in Melbourne or by yourself to check the authenticity of a diamond ring. It does not require much tools or materials to do this test, because you can do the sparkle test with your naked eye. When you place a real diamond under the lamp, you will notice how the light is reflected in the diamond, especially the white light. It makes the diamond even more sparkling. You can see the difference if this is compared to rings with Cubic Zirconia. The CZ is not a real diamond, but a gemstone that was cut to resemble diamonds.

These are some of the diamond ring tests that you can apply in spotting a fake diamond set in engagement rings or not. It is an essential process in buying a ring because it is not just a ring, it also an investment.

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