Dressing to impress is actually an art and skill that only some seem to nail. Others well, they are probably better off sticking to plains and jeans (just kidding)! If you aren’t really a pro at matching things and dressing to impress, you can always learn it at some point. So here is that point where you can learn the simple tricks of dressing better.

Raid the wardrobe

We all definitely have tons of clothes sitting at the back of our closets. But when you got to rage the wardrobe, what you need to be doing here is studying what you’ve got and what you haven’t. Think of the occasions you might possibly need to go through, throughout the year and look up in all those shelves and racks, if you’ve got the right clothing. You might need a lot of office wear, something for funeral, a gala or party outfit and don’t forget the lazy clothes. Once you get this right, then you can go on a shopping spree stocking up on all that you need.

Consider the basics

When it comes to clothes, there is always things that you do and things that you don’t. While sometimes it is alright for you to go for clothes that are bigger than your size, other times you need to stick to the exact sizes, especially when it comes to certain pants or dresses you might buy. You also need to give comfort, your utmost priority. Don’t try to fit in to clothes two sizes smaller just to get that petite look, instead go for something that is your size and would manage to bring out the best in you in your own way. You might also need to skip out on wearing something white just the day after labor day (let’s just say, it is better to do so!) and in time you might also pick up on matching clothes better to suit the occasion you are a part of.

Get expert advise

The easiest way to feel like you are doing things right is if google tells you so. But you need to understand that sometimes google doesn’t really see the big picture of things in a practical light and this is when you need the opinion of others. Get a friend, a family member or even a designing expert to tell you what exactly you should be wearing to look good and what you should be avoiding to look the opposite. Take their advice in a good spirit and try to incorporate them while also maintain your own unique touch.

It is always good to read and learn things that you don’t. So visit popular fashion sites and gather knowledge on how to make things work better. This way you can be a fashion expert in no time at all!

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