Makeup for eye should be applied and chosen just like how you would choose an outfit based on your skin undertone. If they don’t match, they wouldn’t bring out the best in you. And with many eye shapes you see around, you might be wondering how exactly does this work. So here are some tips to help you out.

The almond eye

This is a rather typical eye shape you could see in most females. For such shaped eyes, to bring out the best in them using darker eye shadow shades would be the best. If you don’t really want to go all smokey eyed, you can always combine a sparkling beige shade to balance the entire look and the dark shade. And to complete the entire look, line in some black matte eye liner as the final touch. You could also try to incorporate a dramatic look by drawing in a winged cat eye to make the look even more interesting.

Hooded eyes

This eye shape is pretty common among many east Asians. Because of the lack of eye crease or fold, it makes it a bit more challenging to create more depth or rather the illusion of it, by using makeup. So here for such eye shapes, it is always best to stick to matte shades rather than the shimmering kind because those would only make their eyes look puffier not giving the desirable look you are trying to create. Go for a darker shade to be applied on the area where there should be a crease. Blend it in to remove any possible lines and complete the look by adding in some mascara to create more volume and applying some shadow at the bottom lash line.

Rounder eyes

If your eyes are larger than normal and are round, then you probably fall to this category. For such persons the eye makeup should be done in a way where the roundness of the eyes is softened. And for that it would be best to use eye liner only on the upper lid rather than drawing on both.

Smaller eyes

For those that have small eyes, it is best if you work the eye makeup in a way where the smallness of the eyes isn’t highlighted too much. And for that the best way to go about this is by applying makeup in a blurry way while using eye liner or kohl to line the eye lids. Make sure to focus on the outer corners when doing so. And once you do so, use another softer brush and smudge out them to create a softer effect to the entire eye.

Consider the above and perfect your eye makeup to suit the shape of your eye!

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