Mixing and matching colors in outfits, is a huge challenge that the non-fashionistas suffer with. While the basic black and whites work easily, the other sorts of combinations just don’t seem to be working their way. Either it comes out like a hipster or a barfed up rainbow. So here are some color combining tips to help all those non-fashionistas out there!

Mix the greens and yellows

Although you might be wondering how these two shades might complement each other, they indeed do work in every way so try out mixing and matching these two. Think of the green grass and warm sun shining down on it in a lovely summer’s afternoon or a field of sun flowers with contrasting green and yellow, they work don’t they? However, the trick to match this better is understanding your skin tone as well. The lighter shade you are of or the cooler undertone you have, the more highlighting and brighter the yellow and greens got to be, but if you are more of a darker skin tone then you might want to tone down the yellow and green by going for shades of dark green, khaki or even mustard tone.

The baby blue and pink

It more or less of a known fact that blue indeed goes with pink, but the specialty here is that the two color tones mentioned here are lighter and cooler shades. And they bring out the innocence and simplicity of the wearer. Combine some vibrant accessories and make the outfit highlighting regardless of the simple shade. Pair a simple jeans and a plain white shirt with some pink stilettoes and a similar shaded bag to accessorize a simple outfit perfect for a meet up with friends.

The perfect red and blue

Red and blue are two sharp colors that are highlighting on their own but when combined with each other, they manage to create an entirely different look that is even bolder and smarter than any other shade ever could. So if you are going to work and have a party to attend afterwards you can always combine a striped shirt in black and white, some blue pants, a black jacket and a bloody red handbag and a white pearl necklace to accessorize the entire outfit. This way you are keeping it professional yet casual, both at the same time!

Turquoise and cobalt blue

Cobalt blue or royal blue is another amazing shade all on its own but when combined with turquoise the beauty of it only increases by another tenfold! It is a color combination that is bright and powerful screaming class from a mile away. What’s even better is that this shade combination doesn’t need to be unnecessarily toned down with some other neutral shades and they are also perfect to accessorize in white, gold or even silver! So combine a short that is of a turquoise shade along with a blouse of cobalt blue and throw in some nude heels, a nude handbag and a turquoise shaded necklace, to complete the entire outfit ideal for a simple brunch or lunch with friends!

Consider the above shades and mix and match on your own to create the ideal outfit for any occasion!

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