There has always been a battle of the undies, so to speak. The classic briefs which are also known as tighty whities against the very popular boxer brief. Many men believe that how they feel is very important and that is why we are writing this today. We want to make sure that we help you make the right choice to buy the correct underwear that would suit you, especially based on your body type.

Let’s Talks about Briefs

Briefs happen to be a type of underwear that will fit you very snugly and hold everything in place, if we may say so. This type of undies is best for guys who are either thin in their build or are fit and very muscular. If you have rather large hips for a guy, you will see that these undies will warp and that they will not help you with rubbing your legs against each other.

This will just give you sore chaffed skin and possibly a rash which is not something we want. This is also a good point to look at when we are talking about boxer briefs vs. briefs.  The elastic waistband will help you keep your undies up but because of the fact that this style of underwear will only just cover the cheeks, they can also ride up and feel really uncomfortable.

What about Boxer Briefs?

These have gained a lot of popularity over the past several years and they have also become a very essential part of any man’s underwear collection. This type of undie has a much longer leg compared to the above and that is also why it is called a ‘long leg at tackle’.

They will also come with a small lycra panel at the inner thigh so that they will stop the rubbing of your legs together and give you a way to avoid those angry sore rashes we spoke about. The long leg style will reach over the largest part of your leg and therefore they will not ride up as the briefs would.

What is Better for You if You are Big Made?

The boxer brief is the best choice for you is you are a larger man. They come in sizes that go up to 5XL and will cater to as many bigger made guys as much as possible. The elastic waistband that is incorporated will stop them from sliding down and they will also therefore not make you look like you are wearing something that is low riding by choice.

They will also add to the musculature of your bums and thighs and make them look rather perky without making them look all squished up. The bamboo fabric that has been used will also help keep you cool as it is very natural and breathable. This type of undies is really comfortable. So, our final verdict? The right type of undie for you will always depend on how comfy you want to feel. Your body type and your preferences.

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