Although you may not be the best at matching and mixing color shades, today with the color wheel becoming more and more popular, just about anyone can ace the mixing and matching technique with no problem at all. Here are some of those mixed and matched up combinations you could incorporate to your day to day styling techniques.


This is a rather popular look that many use as a simple guide for their everyday outfit combinations. The trick here is to go for varying shades of the same base color. Use darker shades on places where you would like the light not be highlighted on and lighter shades of it on places where you want to drag the most attention to. You could also try combining different textures as well to create a complete outfit. Here there is much lesser chance of messing up when combining but you might still want to think twice on the light and dark shades. So if you aren’t exactly the best fashionista you can always use this to guide you.

The bold

There is always something that immediately grabs your attention when it comes to a bold shade. It practically screams attention from a mile away. So if you want to be daring one day you can always pair a red dress with some black heels for a party or gala down town. But if you still want to incorporate this bold shade to your everyday outfit combination, you can always tone down the highlight of this shade by incorporating it with some neutral tones. So you can simply bring in a bloody red handbag or some red high heels to accessorize the toned down outfit while also creating that bold look at the same time.

Complementary shades

This is basically the color opposite to another on the color wheel. These two colors that are at opposite ends are known to go along well thus being known as complementary colors. They simply bring out the best in each other together.  So if you are trying to accessorize and style a complete outfit, make sure that you combine 75% of one color with 25% of the other. Have a base color when doing so, so that you know which should be the 75% and which is of the rest. It is important to do so because if you were to combine equal proportions of it, it would only turn out like a uniform rather than an amazing outfit put together!

You could also try using certain bold colors with each other like cobalt blue and tangerine, but make sure that when you are doing so, consider incorporating certain neutral shades if you feel as though they aren’t working together.


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