The bride plays the lead role on her wedding day. Her gown is the main attraction and her hairstyle is what ties everything together. That is how important hairstyle is. While prepping for the perfect hairstyle there are a couple do’s and don’ts you must abide. Plus, your wedding photos are a priority too; you must look sensational in both reality and photos. We have compiled a list of them, which will definitely come in handy.

Don’t Neglect Your Dress

Your hairstyle must depend on the type of your dress and its neckline; it’s as simple as that. So if you haven’t settled on a dress yet, don’t decide on a hairstyle. Try to arrange your makeup and hair trial on the same day as your dress fittings. You will be able to see how it looks together and hopefully, come to a very successful conclusion.

Do Consider the Climate

Leaving your hair open on a hot day? NO! That is drastic. Your hair no matter how much it has been styled or sprayed will frizz and leave you like a hot mess. Something that you must clearly avoid. You want to look like the epitome of perfection; well you deserve to look like it. We say go for a loose braid or a loose tie up on a humid day.

Don’t Try Anything Drastic

Last minute decisions can really change the outcome. Well, if you love making last-minute decisions or taking risks. This is not the day to do it. Plan ahead; make sure every single thing is simple yet elegant. And your hairstyle is clearly something you do not want to mess with. To see how your hairdo will look like, go for a trial and save yourself from the hassle.

Do Prioritize Comfort

Being uncomfortable on your own wedding because a couple of pins keep itching your scalp or your head feels too heavy. We say, avoid it. Perfection does not cost discomfort. There are plenty of hairstyles that will make you look beautiful and feel comfortable. So save yourself the pain.

Don’t Say no to Pictures

Take hundreds of them, on your makeup trial, on your hair trial, and during your dress trials. That way you know how you look in front of the mirror and how you look in pictures. And you can also seek opinions from your family and friends. Well, not too much at least. The choice is yours, always.

Do Embrace Hair Accessories

We absolutely love hair accessories, they make everything look better. Don’t you think so? Flower crowns, flowers, tiaras, braids, jeweled hair pieces, and other ornaments are some of the most basic forms of hair accessories. Incorporate any one of them into your hairstyle and trust us you will look amazing.

Don’t be Afraid of Extensions

Extensions are an amazing alternative for long and thick hair. If you want to go for a hairstyle that requires both thick and long hair, you might want to consider it. However, to check your comfort level gets extensions for a couple of days and sees how it goes. Contact a hairdresser South Yarra to get the details. If you are comfortable then hallelujah, but if you are not then there are plenty of other exceptional hairstyles available for you.

A lot of stylists also suggest a lot of other things. Along with our list follow what they say; after all, experts will always be the experts.

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