Body shapes and sizes come in different forms, each and every one unique and beautiful in its own way. However, to bring out the best in them you need to know to pick out the right outfits that match. What might look good on one person might look the complete opposite on another and one of the reasons for this is, the way the outfit fits on their body structure. So here are some tips to help you pick the right outfits to match your body shape.

The pear

When you think of pear the shape that forms in your head is a broader bottom and a comparatively narrower top. This is the same shape that is seen in a person that has a body structure of pear where their hips are wider than their shoulders. For such persons the ideal kind of outfits would be fit and flared dresses. This is because the flared bottom is perfect to show of those curves without bringing out the small top in highlight. So you could go for spaghetti strapped outfits and even outfits with fancy necklines.

The triangle upside down

A triangle which is turned upside down generally has a wider top and a narrower bottom. This is the body structure that is visible in people that fall under this category. They have broader shoulders and narrower hips. Fitted jackets, large skirts, thick straps and sleeves and pants work on them the best. It helps in removing the highlight of broad shoulders by focusing on the legs. Thus making them look simply amazing!

The rectangle

A rectangle has its bottom and top of the same sizes. And for a person that is generally categorized under this group, would have equal sized shoulders and hips, more or less. Ruffled skirts, high waisted jeans, dresses with belts, bows and other little details are the most attractive on such persons. It helps to create an illusion of curves through the extra volume in fabric, thus hiding the equal sized body structure.

The apple

This is a body structure where a person that falls under this category is said to have thin legs, broad shoulders and full waist. The ideal outfits for these persons would be wide pants, long skirts, and jackets. However, when it comes to the tops, you need to make sure that whatever you pick out isn’t too baggy otherwise it might not exactly work with thin legs. Yet you can always try something new as well!

The hourglass

This is a pretty common body structure that is easily identifiable. Here a person falling to this group generally has a smaller waist yet equally sized shoulders and hips. For them wrap-arounds, belted dresses and anything else that brings out the small waist, works best!

Consider the above structures and choose your clothes to match and bring out the best in you!

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